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 PHONE (800) 780-6933(800) 780-6933 FREE  

 PHONE (800) 780-6933(800) 780-6933 FREE  

 PHONE (800) 780-6933(800) 780-6933 FREE  

 PHONE (800) 780-6933(800) 780-6933 FREE  

We are currently only conducting courses for groups of 10 or more students. No courses are currently scheduled.

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Why Solar Academy International?

  • Highly Credentialed Faculty
  • NABCEP-Based Curriculum
  • Practical Hands-On Workshops
  • First-Rate Facilities
  • Informative Field Trips
  • Business Networking Support

Since the launch of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, and Feed-In-Tariff Program, we’ve trained more students than any other school in Canada - Over 700 graduates from across Ontario, as well as other Canadian provinces, the USA, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
NABCEP-Based, Solar Training 

Not only do our students benefit from carefully designed instruction based on the NABCEP "Solar PV Job Task Analysis," but they also gain from the thousands of hours of solar PV teaching experience that our solar instructors have accumulated over the years.  

Our lead instructors are NABCEP-certified, with extensive professional experience.  Our teachers utilize a teaching style accessible for the solar novice, while also engaging for more experienced students. 

Those who successfully pass our intensive 5-Day Solar PV Design & Installation training are eligible to sit for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam.

Workshops & Field Trips:
Seeing & Doing

The best way to learn is to do! This is how our NABCEP-certified solar instructors mastered their skills, and this is how you will master yours. All of our solar training courses blend extensive theory with hands-on exercises to equip you with 

the tools and experience you need to launch an exciting career, start a new business, or grow an existing one within the solar industry.Our 5-Day course concludes with a field trip on the final day to an advanced green building with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in operation.

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Solar Academy provides not only the highest quality training, but the lowest prices.  Check out our special offers and our price match offer that guarantees you get the best training at the best price!

  • Are you seeking to get a great job, build or expand your own business, or do your own solar project? Get started with a 5 day "boot camp" training!

  • Get yourself started in a Solar Career. 
  • Start a Solar Installation Business.
  • Train up your team for Solar Success.  

Questions? Contact Jacob Travis, Director:

Solar Academy International is Canada’s leading solar training institute.  Let our team help you develop the knowledge, skills and insight you need for success in today’s green economy. 

Upcoming Courses:

What is an Entry-Level Course?

Our entry-level course is designed to accommodate both those with strong technical backgrounds and those completely new to the field. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on a roof or don’t know the first thing about electrical wiring. Using the learning objectives of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), our carefully crafted curriculum will help you quickly master solar photovoltaic (PV) design, installation, and safety.

Over the course of 5 days of intensive solar panel training, you will learn:

  • site survey and shading analysis
  • multiple solar system installations
    (full wiring, conduit panels, racking)
  • working with micro-inverters and string inverters
  • tile cutting, roof penetrations, and racking
  • ground mounts
  • solar tools workshop
    (pulling wires, bending conduit, combiner boxes)
  • load center tie-in / project staging.

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